Sunday, April 29, 2018

Patreon and what's happening around the shop.

Hi folks!

Let's get to the biggest news first. We have a Patreon account now! Joining at any level gets you access to the blog, and first view of new spells, maps, NPCs and magic items WELL before they're even in print. At the $5 level you get first view of everything that comes out digitally. These items are also included in your patron, which saves you money every month on Saga. We have some fun things at higher levels too, and I hope you'll check it out.

We've been hard at work on May's maps and supplements. The last few things we got out into the store were simple and short, but jam packed with content. The items we're working on right now are a bit longer and full of new concepts to help your game.
CP is working on "The Big Book of Small Quests (and one Large one)" and Sevan has a stack of maps to work on. Some of those maps will be part of "The Big Book of Small Quests", some of them will stand alone.

We also have finally perfected the printed version of The Tabletop Companion and it should be available for print very soon. Our proof should get here any day and then we can make it available to you!

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