Saturday, February 3, 2018

Great news!

An update has been a very long time coming, so I apologize for that!

So much has happened with Saga - The Game and we have to share it with you!  

We have updated and released a new version of the game:  Epic Adventures.  We are really excited about this release because of all the stuff that we have updated in the manual!  Also, we have moved from Lulu Publishing over to  This new (to us) website is where it is at in the gaming world and you need to check out our new products:

1.      Saga - The Game:  Epic Adventures Manual in hard cover, soft cover and DIGITAL DOWNLOAD!
2.      A Loremaster or GM Screen
3.      Character Sheet Books (available soon in different color covers) and individual sheet digital downloads
4.      Tabletop Companion available in digital download

We are in the process of getting printed versions of all of the things that we have available digitally on  The first Adventure Module will be coming out soon and it features a long-term campaign.  

One of the best things that we have coming up is we are doing a GIVEAWAY!!!!  If you go to our Facebook page and like/follow us, you will see when the Giveaway launches so that you stand a chance to win a soft cover manual, softcover tabletop companion and character sheet book in the color cover of your choice (from the ones available).  

We have so much more coming and we can’t wait to share it with you!  Keep coming back for more updates and game on!

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