Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Saga of Hester the Jester ~New wheels

The trio arrive in the town and it's elvin. They're stopped right away by two knights, but the knights look the trio over and wave Toughas on. In the town kids are frolicking, bars are hopping, glow globes are lit and are quite ornate. It’s a lovely little town. Toughas finds a stable and the elves there take charge of the two horses and see to it that they are taken back to their rightful owner. The man of the stable takes one look at the large horse that Pickles is disguised as and insists that he can’t take such a large horse. Toughas (disguised as a tall elf) drives around back, Lucien turns him back into
Pickles and Toughas goes around front with Pickles and pretends that this was all elfy fun and what a silly prank that was!! The man believes it, and thinks it’s a fantastic prank and is quite hilarious, and a great joke. Boys comes around and unhook Pickles and start to tend to the carriage and Pickles.

Toughas talks to the stable master about trading in the wagon for a new one. His cousin Jess restores old wagons like ours and would likely be interested in our carriage. They'll meet up with him tomorrow at 7am.

They all make their way to the inn and check in. Hester checks in under an artificial name. Toughas is still looking like an elf, and Lucien has his robes drawn up around his face. They go up to their room and after Toughas's spell wears off, he heads down for a bath at the bath house. The elves seem very concerned and weirded out by the trogger, and as Toughas tries to walk up the stairs to get back to the room he's stopped by one of the inn staff who insists on following Toughas up to Lucien's room to verify that Toughas belongs there. Lucien tells a lie about Toughas being "the Master's" number one servant. The man believes the lie and escorts himself out quickly.

Lucien sees an elf hovering and flying outside our window, staring at Toughas. Lucien shews him away and draw all the curtains to the room. A young man knocks on the door with a cart and bubbly. Hester was hiding in the cart, and enters our room. They all share some bubbly and then head to bed early.

Around 6am everyone wakes up, gets their stuff together and head down to the restaurant for first breakfast. They all discuss the plan first since Toughas looks different than the first time they were at the barn.

Lucien and Toughas go walking down to meet the stable master. Toughas is dressed as a servant in a cloak and linen clothes. No armor. The men are already up and playing cards. They buy the story about being the tall elf's servants. They are not impressed by enchanted Mr. Pickles and want him out of the stable by the end of the day. The men hook up a different animal to the carriage and head off.
They leave the town and head down a country road. Eventually they pull up to a farm about an hour later. There are a number of wagons and carriages in the yard, and they're all human designed. There's even a chariot! Everyone hops down, Toughas is handed the reigns to the beast and is told to "handle the beast, servant."

Toughas comes back to rejoin the group and the man they’re here to see is named Jess.

He is completely failing to not show his excitement over the carriage. He's looking it over, inside and out. Lucien and Jess are talking shop, going about their bartering. Jess takes Lucien into the barn and shows him a prairie schooner (think, American west Oregon trail…). It's BASIC. Lucien asks about anything else, hoping he can get a wagon that is a bit better than that. Apparently Jess's cousin Ezra has been wanting some horses of Jess's and is hoping Ezra would trade a carriage for the horses, and Jess can get the carriage from Lucien. Toughas has to sweeten the pot with a large ruby from the frog men from way way back. He’s been carrying it for months. That does the trick. This new carriage is a sturdy cold storage van. They do all the paperwork, transfer all the gear from one carriage to the other. It takes quite a while to dot the i's and cross the ts.

After all the paperwork they finally make it back to the stable to pick up Mr. Pickles and have him attached to the new carriage. Then they go to the Inn to pick up Hester. There were some Domini knights sniffing around for Hester, but the stable hand told them to f' off.

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