Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Saga of Hester the Jester ~The Mage's Work is Never Done

There is an restaurant attached to the hotel, and after they checked in, the trio go for some food.  Lucien pays an extra sov for the boy who is tending the stable. Something feels like it's going on in this town ...they can't put finger on it, but something just feels odd. Everything closes at 5:00 so that all the elves can have happy hour according to the waitress. All inns, bars and restaurants are owned
by humans, dwarves and hillmen so that all elves can have fun and bedlam. They finish eating and Toughas eats them nearly out of rolls. (they said it was free)
 The owner of the inn has adopted an elf child and so they moved to the elvin town so that their elf daughter can be around other elves.
The deputy comes in for a cup of coffee, spots us and comes up to us asking our names. Toughas freaks him out by his size and demeanor...Lucien lies and says his name is "Larry", Toughas gives his proper name but through a thicker trogger accent and Hester gives her full name in high hillmen. He leaves us and leaves the cafe.
Everyone needs a bath and is filthy from the road. Apparently Toughas is filthiest and everyone would like him to go first. So he does. Next is Hester and after that is Lucien. They have a laundry here as well, and everyone has sent their clothes for washing.
After the baths, the place starts to fill up with elves. A fashion for the men is to wear a large acorn high on top on their heads with large bows tied under their chin. The ladies wear large leaves, tied with grasses.
They get some sleep and then head down for breakfast. After breakfast they want to go down to the arcane store. They're told they can find taxis by saying the term "Hackney Hackney come to me" three times, anywhere on the street. An apparition appears of an elvin man who takes the route plans. He then appears shortly in a cart pulled by two horses. All three pile in and drive down to the mage school. (There is no store, just the school.) He drops them off at the bookstore and leaves. All three enter, and the elf at the desk doesn't want to help Lucien because no one  has a visitor's pass. They send the three away to administration to get visitors passes. Toughas and Hester can't have passes, but Lucien gets one. Hester and Toughas can be on the quad only.
Toughas sits on a park bench and Hester starts juggling pine cones and telling jokes. She's doing ok but not super impressive to the elves.
Lucien goes in to get a spell book of scry lock, and then starts looking around at other books to see what there is. He also finds a book for "resist pain". Lucien pays, walks out and finds Toughas and Hester where he left them, at the fountain on the park bench.
Toughas calls Hackney taxi and a different driver than before appears, she's scared and nervous to see a trogger. She takes the directions and comes up to them about 10mins later. Toughas pays and they all get in the cab, headed back to the Green Griffin. They have lunch, then redo the gear and get ready to head back out to the road. They go out to the barn, call for the boy who's in charge. Lucien asks him to get Pickles hooked up to the carriage so they can head back out. As Toughas is getting things put back into the carriage, it feels like someone has searched our wagon. Toughas speaks with Lucien quietly and shares his feelings. Lucien questions the boy and he says that he heard something in the barn last night, and Pickles seemed upset but none of the horses did. Lucien casts detect magic on all our items to see if there's anything to be seen. There is a sigil carved into the side of our carriage that wasn't there before, and it's magically glowing. Lucien tries to read it to decipher it and finds it's a "Make it easy to scry on you" spell.
Lucien breaks the spell on the carriage, they get Pickles hooked up and get back on the road. It's going to take them about a month total to get to Domni.

Lucien spends some time learning the magic spells from the books. 

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