Thursday, April 7, 2016

Saga of Hester the Jester ~Spies, Spies, Everywhere Spies!

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They all stretch and check out the camp area. There are signs for all kinds of amenities, and one of the signs points toward "Druids Grove". They decide they want to go there. SO they all follow the signs and it ends at a river. There’s a bell, so Lucien rings it and they hear "sending the boat". A boat floats up to the edge and ropes off to the dock. Everyone gets in the boat and it floats toward an island in the middle of the river. They're greeted by Ty the druid of the grove. They can't quite tell if Ty is male or female....elf or human. Which is odd and unsettling.

There are standing stones and trees all around the circle of stones. Hester asks Ty about the Gardener of the Grove and Ty says that the Gardener of the Grove is the head of their order. Lucien opens the packaging around the staff and shows it to Ty. Ty's never heard of the wand of the cloud and doesn’t recognize it when Lucien shows it to them. They’re trying to get it back to the Gardener of the Grove but Ty won't tell us where the Gardner is because well...that would be like telling us where the King is. They inspect the staff (having never heard of it, and not recognizing it) and feel it's power.

From North Grast to the Hellers

Ty has the trio set up camp outside their cabin, so they all go back to the previous cabin and get all their stuff to set up camp on the island. Ty will contact his supervisor in the stone circle this evening. Lucien does some preparatory magic, and everyone walks the land and generally chill out. Hester goes to the gym and relaxes in the sauna. They won't be billed for their stay anymore since they are now on Ty’s island and Ty’s guest. The staff of the resort take care of Pickles and the carriage.
Around 1:00am Ty finishes their conversation with their supervisor in the circle of stones. They come out and tells us that just south of Long lake there is a volcano called Grandston volcano, in the Hellers. In the caldera of the volcano is a lake, on the island in the lake is where the Gardener of the Grove can be found. That is where they'll go to bring back the wand.

They sit and have stew with Ty and then go to bed. Toughas wakes up around 9:00am and wakes his compatriots. They all pack up, have breakfast and hit the road. As they're packing up the carriage the master of the inn comes up and tells Hester that a human was here looking for her. There is a policy that they don't tell anyone about the guests, so they didn't tell him that the trio was there, but wanted us to know that he'd been asked about us.

The Hellers is a LONG way from here, but Hester offers to stay with us and complete the task. We take off and head for the city of Domni.

They're on the road to Domni and not much is happening (down time…) until….

Suddenly, Pickles comes to a dead halt. The carriage gets ambushed by three highway men. The trio doesn't see the mage in the bushes...until he casts powerbolt. They refuse to give them money and start the melee! Toughas charges the little hillman and kills him with one shot of his rapier. Lucien goes to powerbolt the mage and there's a bounce battle on! Both mages send glorious powerbolt down range at each other. The third man runs away at full tilt as his mage friend mana corrupts, melting and turning to goo and dies. They get back into the carriage and flee quickly.

They're going along, driving, moving past road houses, and sleeping in camp grounds and just relax on the road. As they drive on there is an apparition of Lady Densmeal suddenly in the carriage!! She pleasantly starts talking to each of the trio, asking how much it will cost for them to call off this task and hand over the wand. Lucien casts a dispel magic and the apparition is gone.

"You'll pay for this!!!" she says as the apparition breaks up and is gone.

They drive on for more three days and come to a fork in the road. The path to the right says "This way to Aleria"

After a short discussion they turn off and head to Aleria. It’s a little out of the way but it’s an elf town and sounds nice. They pass a giant house with a giant child playing in the front yard. They move past quickly as possible.

They get into Aleria and it's a modest size town. The city is elvin and they draw the attention of children. The children start asking questions of Lucien and Lucien asks for directions to the hotel. He gets it, and find his way to the Green Griffin Inn. It looks to be built by humans rather than elves. A human boy, about 14 appears, quite scared of Toughas, but seems to think that Hester is adorable. Everyone walks into the building and it's a nice inn. The lady in the office seems fearful of Toughas and charges him double, but the trio get their rooms.

To be continued…….

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