Monday, April 4, 2016

Toughas Nails character history

Toughas was raised in a fiefdom in north wild lands. (in the future, the place known as the Empire) He apprenticed under Dar’Nor, learning chainmaille. He wasn’t exactly clumsy but nor was he particularly good. Dar’Nor was passionate and accurate and highly skilled in his
craft and encouraged Toughas with a heavy hand. Still though, Toughas longed for adventure and to see the world. Anytime adventurers would come through town he would badger them, following them around town asking questions. He was quite fascinated by the stories of elves, humans and dwarves.

An adventurer trogger named Monar decided to take up retirement in the fife when Toughas was a young teen. He wielded a sword that Toughas had never seen before. The rapier. Toughas begged Monar to please teach him how to fight with the rapier. Reluctantly Monar agreed and trained Toughas in the evenings after his shift in the armory. He practiced hard, and found he was quite good with the light weapon. After training Monar would tell stories about his adventures.

Toughas found magic most interesting but perplexing and confusing. He had the most basic of understanding of magic but anything beyond simple breakers just made no sense. His sessions with Monar evolved into a mentorship and branched out into other skills beyond rapier. Fist fighting, sneaking, agility and trap setting/disarming were especially interesting and exciting.

One day Toughas went to visit Monar. Monar brought Toughas in for tea and spoke about a rapier that had been hidden. Monar wanted to send Toughas on his first adventure to recover this rapier and bring it back home. Toughas could barely contain his enthusiasm as he embarked westward to find the rapier. He had the gear that Monar lent him. He found the cemetery that the rapier was supposedly in. He got cocky because of how easy the location was to find, and almost lost his life to some plants that sprung to life. After a few days of searching, and looking more closely he finally found it! He was so elated! He hurried back to Monar to show him his success!

He enjoyed himself so much on his adventure that he knew he needed to find a group, or at least an adventuring partner like Monar had talked about so many times. He put in his resignation with Dar’Nor (not that it was exactly accepted….) and he set off south. Monar let him keep some of the gear, and the rest he cobbled together from the local store.


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