Monday, March 21, 2016

Saga of Hester the Jester ~The Jester in distress

Lucien and Toughas, long time friends; meet at a bar. They leave the bar to go for a walk. They see the rubble of what used to be the keep. It did not fare well against the giants six months ago.
As we exit the bar - a Hillman girl in a jester outfit ran by, chased by three thug looking beings in Lady Densmeal's suits give chase. Our heroes give chase and wind up in an ally. Words are exchanged…our heroes try to talk the thugs out of fighting but they’re hearing nothing of it. Toughas sweeps the leg of the commander who falls flat on his face. Then, in a surprise attack,…Lucien knocks one of the bad guys out cold! He then turns toward the other fellow and sends energy of pain. It’s a doosey of a spell. Nasty stuff that. The guy falls to the ground screaming. Toughas and the commander exchange blows, Lucien and the pain inflicted fellow mix it up.
The commander crumples to the ground from Toughas's fists. The person attacking Lucien is far tougher than anticipated and lands blows. Toughas lunges forward to save his friend and ends the foe. They search and then run now that the fight is over.
They walk to the inn and get a room. Toughas feels like they are being followed. They check in and go upstairs to the room.
Lucien is stabbed badly enough that they need to bandage him up. So they run him to the temple of the healing hand. The temple staff put him in a coma. Toughas knows that heal spells are black market goods but clearly our duo need some! He thinks “what would Lucien do…” and decided to go down to the pool hall to try and find heal spells off the black market. He talks with a guy who can get what we need. They talk, and strike up a deal. Toughas is to come back the next day to buy the heal spells and they agree on a price. He then goes back to the temple to get Lucien. The duo heads back to the inn. Hester the Jester has a set that night in the lobby of the inn. The guys are surprised to see her, but after her set they make

way to her and asked her to come up to their room to discuss things. She spills her life story in the great animated detail, which was definitely not what they were looking for. Hester asked to sleep in the room with the guys but needs her bag from across the hall. She’s too nervous to go get it herself, so Toughas goes to get the bag and there is a man, holding the bag in the middle of the room. Toughas grabs him and gets the bag away from him but spares his life.
Back in the room, Hester tells us about how the Densmeal's want her family's wand which is buried with her grandpa in the family tomb which is in Moundsville. It’s clear that Hester will have to retrieve the wand to keep it safe from Densemal, who will clearly stop at nothing to get her hands on it.
They all decide it would be safer to go to the tent village where Lucien and Toughas live and spend the night there. Toughas attempts to take first watch but everyone falls asleep. They wake at 9am to the sound of arguing. Lady Densmeal's men are attempting to search tents but get kicked out of tent city. Disguises are applied to Toughas and Hester by Lucien and they start to break camp.
Everyone walks back to the pool hall and Toughas meets with the mob. Money and heal potions are exchanged. Toughas ended up buying an entire case! Which is just unheard of. Hester and Lucien chat about money for the mercenary work they are about to embark on. They do not get too far into the discussion before Toughas gets back.
The trio walks out of town, talking about money and what path we should take. They decide on the beach path and 250 sovereign now, and at least 250 sovereign later.
After a few days travel, the trio come across a frogmen village. The frogmen are very kind and want to trade for anything. They have silks, rubies and many wares for trade. The three are treated like guests and friends. The frogmen point to a ship that has run aground in the shallows at sea. That cargo ship is where the frogmen got many of the things they are trying to trade for. They are very interested in heal potions. Curiously. Two days later by foot, we come to Tiny Town.
Tiny Town is run primarily by elves, but troggers, humans and elves all work alongside one another. Lucien goes to the Blue Order library (since he’s a member) while Hester and Toughas go off to find the ship master and secure seats on a boat to South Grast.
Lucien asks about the staff of Clouds and the person he asks just so happens to know of it. The staff was stolen from the Druids of the Garden and is the property of the Gardener of the Grove. It has the ability to control the weather, and likely much more. It’s a very powerful staff indeed!

Hester and Toughas come across Master Jim. Master Jim says he can get them to the port of Alexis in Ket. That is not quite as far as they wish to go, but it will have to do. The ship sails in the morning. They will ride on a cargo ship called the Painstakingly. They are given a suite in the hold, and it is a shrimp boat. It should take us ten days to get to Ket. Lucien tells everyone what he learned at the library. The story doesn’t make Hester’s grandpa sound that great. She appears quite upset and affronted that her grandpa is being painted as a thief, but the evidence is all there. The plan is to get the staff and return it to the Gardener of the Grove. 

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