Sunday, March 20, 2016

Lucien of the blue robes ~Character history

Lucian means light. I was my parents first son. I was going to bring so much light to their lives, so they named me Lucian. That backfired on them.
Being “painfully honest” with people had gotten me into a lot of predicaments throughout my life. My parents didn't like that I didn't placate them or their friends. They didn't like the fact that I taught myself some of the basics of Magick. They were embarrassed because of it.  “Humans didn't want that for themselves.”  The final straw for them, was when my father found out about a couple of side businesses that I had for myself. I can't help that people like to be altered. I’m not the one who was addicted to the faerie dust and Dwarven tobacco. But I can and will offer supply if they demand it and people did. But father was gnarled and in order to not to continue to bring shame upon our family,  he gave me 2 choices: military detail or the wizard college. The stipulation with going to the military was that father would keep all the money I made and use it how he saw fit. Or with wizard college, that money would be spent for my tuition, with me not having access to it. Guess which one I picked? Another stipulation came that I would keep quiet with where I was from if I went to the wizard college, cause you know, the scandal!  So at 17, off I went to wizard college.
The staff were surprised about my natural ability and often thought that the secrecy behind my story was that I was a banished halfling. I didn't confirm nor deny. I just went about my studies,  learning and getting better. I didn’t give two shits what the staff thought about me; I was just happy to be away from my family.  Another thing that happened at wizard college:  some mages will pay you better for FD and DT, than the general public. I actually made acquaintances.
As all of my skill levels grew, I gained the attention of the Blue Order. They didn’t care that I lack tact.  They didn’t care what my background could be (because even after six years at the college, no one knew).  They cared only about what I my abilities were and that I could see people for who they were and called them on it. So I was initiated.  I also gained the attention of the Keepers. I was very good with the dead, but not their families. So luckily, I don't have to deal with the grieving part of it.
Shortly after that, the college decided that they would send me to a royal court to utilize my abilities for the Lady Denzmeal. Have I mentioned or at least hinted at the fact that I’m painfully honest and can’t help it? Also, that I have a problem with people who remind me of my father? Or that I hate social class and conformity to a specific social class? So when said Lady expected me to keep her dirty secrets because she was a “lady”, why was she shocked that I spilled all of her dirty secrets after she reminded me of my father? Maybe she was shocked that I spilled said secrets in front of her people at a party. The people at the party didn’t know that the lady wasn’t so much a lady on the inside. Especially when it came to her carnal indiscretions. Again, not my fault she likes some very weird things. She banished me and swore if she saw me again,  she’d have my head on a pike. The college, they weren’t pleased, but they decided to expedite my graduation. There were more staff that were impressed that someone stood up to her, so at least I didn't get kicked out.  The college is one of the few places that I like,  so I'm pleased with myself that I didn't get kicked.

For the last four years, I've been traveling.  I go back to the college to learn.  I practice.  I have a handful of friends.  I have secret “crops” to help fund my travels. I have loyal clients who know that my crops are some of the best. I have to keep it simple and private. I like it. I really like the money. I seem unassuming, and I like that people think that. It means that I can surprise them later.  It means I know more than people think. Kinda like the Lady… rumor has it she doesn't make that mistake anymore.  

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