Sunday, March 20, 2016

Saga the Game is available for sale!!

I wanted to take a pause from stories and lore to talk a bit about “Saga: the Game” itself.
When I started this blog the manual had not yet gone into publication. Saga the Game is available in three different versions! You can purchase the standard paperback size 8 ½ by 11, you can purchase a paperbackversion that is spiral bound in size 8 ½ by 11 or the hard cover version that is 8 ¼ by 10 ¾. 
I wanted to offer these three versions because I believe in giving as many options as possible. The standard paperback will be a nice addition to any gamer library, and the spiral bound version is perfect for the game table. Have you ever lost your page at the table because the binding was too tight and the book won’t lay flat? Ever tried to keep the book open with cups and gotten your book wet with a soda can ring? With the spiral bound version of “Saga: the Game” you won’t have that problem. It also takes up half the precious gaming table space, which we all know is at a premium!
All you need to play “Saga: the Game” is the manual and a minimum of 20 D20 dice.
For ease of play we’ve included a few pre-written character sheets so you can get the feel of how to create different classes/races of heroes. You can use these templates, or create your own character. There are blank character sheets included in the back of the manual.
On the back cover of the manual there is
a map of the Daroka continent which includes the graph squares to give a feel for the continent size and distance between geographical locations and cities.
I’ve just received my personal copy of the manual and I am so happy with how it has turned out. The map on the back is crisp, bright, and easy to read and the inside is an easy to read 12pt font.
Also in the Legend edition is all the artwork; which is being created by a few different artists. This really enriches the manual and brings it to life.

After so many years of working on this manual, creating the world, the characters and editing; I am so happy to finally be offering “Saga: the Game” to all of you.

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