Sunday, March 20, 2016

Strife in the Fife of Thife ~part four

As our heroes rested and caught their breath Sam noticed something written along the length of the hallway. It was runes! Now just to figured out what these runes meant. Roran tried to get Sam to move but she just kept shrugging him off. Not even bothering to explain to her cohorts what she was doing staring at the floor. The men started to wonder if she’d hit her head extra hard. Then suddenly she jumped into the air and whooped!!
“I’ve figured it out! It’s the spell True Shot!! We can REALLY use this!”
The men exchanged looked of confusion as Sam continued to explain.
“Ya know…True Shot! It’s a spell that when cast on weapons makes them stronger. When you swing your ax for example Roran, it would be as if you’re even stronger than you are now! This will really help us.”
That got through to the men. Suddenly they were pretty excited by the “time wasted staring at the floor” Yea, that really could help.
Down the hall and to the left was another hall. There were many doors. The group decided to take the first door on the left. They opened it carefully and much to their surprise there wasn’t anything in here other than some furnishings and three barrels stacked in a corner.
As they were riffling through the barrels they heard a voice.
“Riffling through my things eh? Can’t say I blame you in here.”
The trio spun around to find a dwarf standing on a chair in the corner looking at them with his arms crossed.
“Ah. Have your attention do I?” He said.
“I wanted to offer you a way out.”
As he spoke, a golden doorway appeared next to him. Through it Roran and Sam recognized their home back in Krie. They felt homesick upon seeing their cottage. However they shook it off quickly. They had a job to do. Corliman needed them.
“Thank you kind dwarf; but no thank you. We have a task that must be accomplished.” said Roran.
The dwarf smirks and nods slowly. The golden doorway dims until it disappears.
“Well then; if heroes you be…prove it. Take on my quest and bring back truth and honesty to the lands.”
Both Sam and Roran visibly shifted in their boots and looked at each other. Both were clearly unsure what to say, but didn’t want to anger such a clearly powerful dwarf.
“Well…sir….” Sputtered Roran.
“What might this quest entail? As you may know, we’re already on a quest. That’s why we’re here in this tomb.”
“Already questing eh? Not tomb robbers? Well. That bodes well for you then. Worry not, I have faith you could do both.” Said the dwarf.
“I presume you’re familiar with the Oath Stones? The stones that can usually be found in the middle of each town among other places. I’ve noticed that they have nearly all but disappeared. You must find the missing and hidden oath stones, and return them to the people.”
All three were stunned and didn’t know what to say. That sounded like quite the massive under taking.
“And to ensure that you continue to strive toward this goal; swear your oath that you will search for the missing stones until the end of your days.” And with that, the dwarf pulled a palm sized oath stone out of his pocket and presented it in front of Roran. “So. What say you?”
Roran gulped hard, stepped forward placing his hand on the stone. “I swear that we will return the stones to the people of Daroka.”
As soon as Roran finished he felt the stone disappear under his hand. “What the!?”
“That’d be your first stone to find.” Said the dwarf with a glint in his eye. That’s the stone of Tenir. It’ll lead you to all the other stones. Can’t just be given it to ya now; can I? I can tell ya, it’s here within this tomb. At least there’s that.”
“Well,” said Sam, “guess we’d best get out of this room and start looking. As she looked back toward the dwarf she saw that he was gone. Disappeared. Our heroes had so much to learn about tomb crawling.
To be Continued in part 5

~Submitted to us by Sevan B.

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