Sunday, March 20, 2016

Strife in the Fife of Thife ~part five

Our trio headed down the hall and chose the first door they came to. Roran opened it without hesitation. Standing in the middle of the small room was a wizard! Must be the same wizard they came across in the hall…Roran thought as he drew his ax and yelled “wizard!!” to warn the other two who trailed in behind him.
As Sam readied her staff to send down a reign of mage fire she heard familiar words….the wizard was opening the veil and intended to send out his own mage fire! Sam had read about Powerbolt battles, but certainly hadn’t been in any…now was as good of time as any! She took in a deep breath and pulled in the energy that was fast approaching Roran’s head. She succeeded, added her own energy to what she’d just pulled in from the wizard and quickly sent it back his way. His eyes glistened in a devious way as he did the same…and shot the largest powerbolt Sam had ever seen…right…at…her! She thought fast, said the magickal words needs faster, and intercepted it, and bounced it back at the wizard. Right before it reached the wizard; he disappeared into a puff of smoke, and the powerbolt smashed hard against the back wall of the room, and took a sizeable chunk out of the brick.
Joe pushed Roran and Sam into the room (as they’d only gotten as far as the doorway) and slammed the door. He turned to them both and laid into Roran.
“What on DAROKA do you think you’re doing?! Who just opens a door inside a powerful mage’s TOMB like that?!?! Not a weapon drawn among you? You could have gotten us killed!!”
Roran opened his mouth to shout back…but found he really had nothing, and thought better of it. While had could be a hot head, he wasn’t one to shout when he knew he was wrong. He took the verbal lashing and sheepishly nodded in agreement with Joe. Such action calmed Joe quickly.
“Yes Joe. You’re right. I was too quick and put us at risk. I will do better next time. I don’t know where my head was. Clearly this tomb has many mysteries.” said Roran.
“Well…this may cool our heads and line our pockets” Sam said as she walked up to a chest sitting in the middle of the room they hadn’t noticed in all the kerfuffle. Joe’s eyes went visibly wider in response and he hurried over to it.
Joe made quick work of picking the lock and flinging the chest open. Joe whistled through his teeth and said “Woooo my! There must be…2,000 gold coins in here! At least! We need to stash this somewhere safe. But where…”
“How about we put it behind the barrels in that last room. Should be safe there.” Said Roran. “We can make it something of a keep.”
Joe nodded in agreement and insisted on carrying the chest himself and had no desire to share or allow the other two to help in any way.
They rested once back into the room and munched a few snacks. As they readied themselves they heard something rustling in the hallway outside the door. They all prepared their weapons then quietly opened the door. Down the hall a short ways was a massive bug! Joe became visibly freaked out, but the other two seemed to relax some. A bug? Pah!
Roran walked out first and was once again, wrong. The bug attacked him quickly and stomped him into the ground. That had to hurt.
Thankfully Sam was ready and shot off a long distance powerbolt. She hit the bug pretty squarely, but after the last powerbolt battle she didn’t have a whole lot of oomf behind it. She did succeed in making it run away fast though! The party couldn’t catch up. Good enough. Roran needed some medical attention. He was hit hard! Thank goodness the party had a few heal potions. Roran drank one down and started to feel a little bit better. However, being new adventurers as he and Sam were…they needed to rest.
The group barred the door to the keep and sat down to rest. They slept on and off for about an hour, tops. They ate some food, stretched, cleaned their weapons and got ready to go back into the hallway of doors.
They went to the next door down the hallway. Sam very carefully started to open the door so she might peak inside to check, and no sooner was she pulled inside and the door was slammed!
“Oh no! No no no no!!” yelled Roran. He quickly started slamming his body into the door. Being quite large as he was, breaking the door open wasn’t much of a challenge. Inside, attached to a corner of the ceiling was a giant eye with many tentacles. “Ew you’re an ugly thing aren’t you? Give me back my wife!” he screamed as he lunged forward swinging his ax.
The massive eye monster swiped out at Roran with it’s tentacles. Roran’s ax met with those tentacles and severed them.
Joe threw one of his daggers and cut the tentacle that was holding Sam captive. She landed on the ground with a thud.
Roran again swung his ax, closing distance. The giant eye was squishy and had no armor. It was no real match for Roran’s ax.

Looking around the room they saw a chest that was visibly the same as the last one. Roran picked it up as if it were light as a feather and carried it back to the Keep to be opened there. As time went on in the tomb, he only felt safe in this one room. And even then, not all THAT safe.

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