Sunday, March 20, 2016

Strife in the Fife of Thife ~part one

We meet our heroes on a clear night. They’ve gone for a romantic walk after a quiet dinner at the pub. Roran holds his wife Samantha to protect her from chill. They lay in the grass just off the path and chat, snuggle and drift in and out of a light sleep. Before they know it…they’ve woken up in a strange cow pasture! Wha?! How did this happen? They don’t recognize their location…somehow very far from the pub and grassy spot where they’d been cuddling.
Samantha; our mage, spots a cottage close by with smoke billowing from the chimney. “It looks like a friendly enough place Roran. We should find out where we are…at the very least.”
Roran agrees, and the two head off toward the cottage.
Right as Roran is about to knock on the door it opens! In the midst of this very small cottage sits an elderly man in dark robes.  Samantha notices his staff; very powerful markings. Far above her abilities she wagers. The room is full of implements of cleaning, all tending to their tasks without any human assistance.

“Come in! Come in! Who might you be now? Let me see…you’re not from here! Why…I don’t recognize your tattoos. Where are you from? How did you come to land in my cottage now, eh?” says the old man.
Roran puffs up his chest (as a warrior such as himself is known to do…especially with as little social skills as he possesses.) and states “I am Roran! And this is my wife Samantha. We hail from the Fife of Krie. We are on a search for the magickal…”
Samantha; being more knowledgeable in matters of social graces interrupts Roran and asks “and good sir, who might you be? And um…where might we be?”
The old man eyes them both with surprise and mutters “must have gotten through the confusion somehow…fairies…yes, fairies brought them here I think. Hmmmm heroes? Not sure they look like heroes? Ah what choice do I have…” he catches himself and states more loudly;
“I am Corliman. You have landed in the Fife of Thife. Since you are clearly not from these parts you must know that these lands are ruled by the hard hand of Lord Dinsmeil and his foul henchman….er..soldiers. We are in great need of being freed and released from the wall of mana confusion that separates us from all other lands. No one ever comes in here. No one ever gets out…. I myself, am bound to this cottage. Not free to even leave my own home. Otherwise, I’d get the items I need to free us all!”
Roran gulps hard at these words. “Oh my” what have we gotten ourselves into? He thinks. It is Samantha who speaks up. “What are these items that you need Corliman? Could we help?”

Corliman smiles and nods. “I am first in need of the Staff of Encanticus. It resides in Thandimar. Thandimar lies to the south of us, 20-30 miles away. There are no roads leading there, for it is a dead town. You’ll find the staff in the tomb of Encanticus, which is in the middle of the Thandimar grave yard. Go into the tomb, fetch the staff and bring it back to me.
You’re not intending to go on such a journey with only the items you have here…are you? No, no, no. That won’t do at all. Here, take what you need from my old adventuring gear.” He waves to a closet, which opens by itself.
Roran and Samantha take off their packs and compare Corliman’s gear against their own. Having never been inside a magick tomb they were unsure just what they might need. They saw healing potions and breaker healing talismans that they may need. (though both secretly hoped not!)
Once packed they were ready to head out toward Thandimar. They decided to travel around the town of Helmsmar rather than risk going through. They had no desire to catch the attention of Lord Dinsmeil or his soldiers………
Stay tuned for part 2!

~Saga submitted by Sevan B.

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