Sunday, March 20, 2016

Strife in the Fife of Thife ~part two

Part 1 can be read here
After bunking down for the night in an abandoned farm house our hero’s wake with the sun. They have a quick breakfast and put their packs back on and head out toward Thandimar. As they’re walking along they see six soldiers walking in formation, coming their way. Thankfully it would appear that soldiers didn’t notice Sam and Roran. They hide in the bushes as the soldiers pass, and are able to get back on their way.
The walk took the majority of the morning but was pleasantly uneventful. The only being they encountered was an old man who was tending the roads and he barely looked up as the hero’s passed by him. He was muttering something under his breath…something about being understaffed? Our duo didn’t much care, and chose not to bother the man.
They came over a ridge and below them was Thandimar. It looked like it was once a lovely and quaint town, but it had since been taken over by vines, thorns and dust. Long since it was cared for…by the looks of it.
As they stood looking the town over neither noticed a slithering vine until it had wrapped itself thoroughly around Roran’s ankle. Roran hacked at the vine but it was no use. As he removed one small vine from his leg, another one latched on. Samantha knew that hitting it with her staff would do no good, so she opened the veil and sent her Mages fire- Powerbolt in the direction the vines were coming from; hoping to hit the base of this magickal plant. She succeeded and her rage from seeing her husband attacked fueled her magick fire. The plant withered and slithered away from our heros.
Roran and Sam walked quickly toward the town, careful to avoid the plants that they now saw everywhere. They stopped briefly only to bandage Roran’s leg.
One building stood out from all the rest; the church. It was well tended and smoke was spiraling from the chimney. Roran and Sam looked at each other, noticed that the sun was starting to go down. They both suspected, though quietly, and to themselves; that this was the type of place that was likely crawling with zombies, and those zombies are going to come out once the sun was down. The church was looking  all the more inviting just then. They quickly hurried up the front steps and quietly entered.
The Kealiedian church was well kept and warm. There was a soft glow from the candles, and in front of the alter was a man in robes dusting an already very clean alter.
Roran and Samantha announced their presence followed by introductions all around. The kind priest’s name is Father Murphy. He looked quite shocked to see any visitors, and explained that he hadn’t seen anyone other than his wife in many years! Oh!! His wife! Yes! Maddy (the nun. Nuns marry Priests in Kealiedian belief structure) would certainly want to meet these new strangers who had made it through the vines, past the animals and soldiers to make it safely into the church.
Maddy brought out a small dinner for everyone and Roran and Sam caught the good priest and nun up to speed on their task. Father Murphy nodded along, seemingly not suprised by our hero’s story at all. He explained that many had attempted to enter the tomb, but all had failed. Even the tomb door would never open for anyone. The few people that it did open for either fled screaming, or never came out. Father Murphy then stood up and went to a closet just down the hall of the main meeting room. He returned with a simple looking chain mail and handed it to Roran.
“Here. You may borrow this. It’s far better than what you’re wearing now. You’ll need it if you have any hope of living through this task.” said Father Murphy.
“Wow. Thank you Father.” said Roran in awe.
“In addition, I’ve got a bit of random gear that may suit you. Please, go through it in the closet and choose what you think you might need.” Father Murphy said pointing toward the closet.
Roran and Samantha carefully went through the closet, choosing only what they thought they might need most. As soon as they were packed they had a light breakfast and then headed into the church yard where the cemetery was. It was quite easy to find Encanticus’s tomb as it was the largest and most ornate tomb. In fact…it was the only tomb! Everything around it were only simple head stones.
As they approached the tomb doors..they opened simply and easily without so much as a squeak or a squeal. Roran audibly *gulped* and they both entered the tomb……

Continued in part 3.

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